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Lisa Lipkin in conversation with Expats David Stern, Jamie Daley and Bob Bragar 

Interview about the immigration experiences of 3 voluntary emigres from Europe to the US and vice versa. March 2022

Elizabeth Berkowitz interviews David Stern

Zoom interview about the series 'At the Gates' August 2020

Eckhart Gillen in conversation with David Stern

Zoom interview about the series 'the sons of God', August 2020

David Stern & Karen Wilkin:
A Conversation 
Art critic and curator Karen Wilkin talks with NY painter David Stern about his work.
NY Studio School lecture series Jan 16 2007 David Stern

Figuration, Abstraction and the Spiritual 
panel discussion on Nov 18 at YU Museum, New York.
Moderator: Karen Wilkin 

Panelists: Lance Esplund, Jill Nathanson, Archie Rand and David Stern.

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